GDSC Code Redux - S03 EP 01: Object Oriented Programming

Lets ace the OOP lab with our very own hands-on study jam!!

Mar 17, 4:15 โ€“ 7:15 PM



Key Themes

AccessibilityCareer DevelopmentOpen Source

About this event

Code Redux Is back with a new season- first episode revolving around Object Oriented Programming- theoretical concepts with parallel hands-on practice. JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME!


  • Maimoona Saeed

    Air University, Islamabad

    GDSC Lead

  • Abdullah Shahid

    GDSC Air University, Islamabad

    Marketing & PR Lead

  • Syed Wasif Ali Naqvi

    GDSC Air Univeristy

    Designers Lead

  • Insherah Khan

    GDSC Air University

    Women In Tech Lead

  • Sher Jan

    GDSC Air University

    Tech Management Lead

  • Ayesha Malik

    GDSC Air University

    Marketing & PR Co-Lead

  • Syed Mohsin Hassan

    Air University

    Operations Lead

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