GDSC Code Redux- EP 02: Data Structures And Algorithms

Code Redux by GDSC-Air University is your gateway to programming mastery! Episode 02 is your opportunity to excel in your DSA (Data Structures and Algorithms) course. Get ready to crush your DSA exams and conquer your coding challenges!

Oct 29, 2023, 1:00 โ€“ 3:00 PM



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About this event

In the Code Redux series, we've been on an exciting journey teaching coding in intensive crash sessions. And now, we're thrilled to present Episode 02, where we'll cover Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA). Our talented developers are here to share their knowledge, build your logic, and shape your perspective on DSA.

Alongside live coding, we'll also include past paper practice to help you master the concepts of DSA. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your DSA skills and get ready to conquer your mid-exams!

So Stack Up!


  • Maimoona Saeed

    Air University, Islamabad

    GDSC Lead

  • Abdullah Shahid

    GDSC Air University, Islamabad

    Marketing & PR Lead

  • Syed Wasif Ali Naqvi

    GDSC Air Univeristy

    Designers Lead

  • Insherah Khan

    GDSC Air University

    Women In Tech Lead

  • Sher Jan

    GDSC Air University

    Tech Management Lead

  • Ayesha Malik

    GDSC Air University

    Marketing & PR Co-Lead

  • Syed Mohsin Hassan

    Air University

    Operations Lead

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