Nature Language Processing

Ain Shams University
Sat, Sep 18, 2021, 8:00 PM (EET)

About this event

مساء النور يا مُحبي التكنولوجيا 😃✨

الـسيشن اللي جاية هيكون معانا

الباشمهندس/ مازن السيد، حاليًا هو:

🔹 بيدرس في كلية الهندسة جامعة عين شمس Computer Engineering

🔹 Software Quality Assurance Intern at Mentor Graphics

🔹 Data Analyst Session Lead at Udacity

🔹 LinkedIn Profile:⤵️

في السيشن اللي هيقدمهلنا هيكلمنا عن الـ(Natural Language ( NLP Processing

وهيركز على الـ Language Processing Pipelines ودي اللي الـ NLP بيستخدمها عشان يقدر يفهم أي لغة بيتكلم بيها الانسان.

وهيكلمنا عن تطبيقات الـ NLP زي:

🔹 Spam Classification

🔹 Speech Tagging

🔹 Machine Translation

🔹 Image Captioning

وهيكلمنا برضو عن الـ Text Preprocessing وازاي ننضف الداتا بتاعتنا ونخليها جاهزة للـ modeling.

وفي الجزء العملي الخاص بـ Qwiklabs هيكون معانا

الباشمهندس/ محمود محمد ، وحاليًا هو:

🔹 بيدرس في كلية الهندسة قسم ميكاترونكس في الجامعة المصرية الصينية

‏🔹 ML Technical & PR Lead at DSC-ECU

🔹 عضو في EVER Electrical Team

🔹 وهو ش��وف وعنده خبرة في مجالين الـ Automotive والـ Embedded Systems

🔹His LinkedIn Profile:⤵️

وهيشرحلنا خطوة بخطوة وهيشتغل معانا في الـ Quest اللي اسمها Create ML Models with BigQuery ML

على الـ Lab ده⬇️

‏Predict Taxi Fare with a BigQuery ML Forecasting Model

⚠️ تنبيه: انت كمبتدأ مش محتاج بكون عندك خلفية قوية الكورس معمول للمبتدئين.


Hey there everyone!

Now, we are going to introduce you to our speaker for the next session!

⚠️ Alert: you don't need have a strong basics you just need to some of enthusiasm.

Eng. Mazen Elsayed 👨🏻‍💻💫

🔹Mazen is a Computer Engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University.

🔹 Software Quality Assurance Intern in Mentor Graphics

🔹 Data Analyst Session Lead in Udacity

🔹His LinkedIn profile:⤵️

Eng. Mazen will talk with us about Natural Language Processing (NLP), he’ll also talk about Language Processing Pipelines which are used by NLP to help it understand any language spoken by people.

Eng. Mazen will also talk about NLP applications like:

🔹 Spam Classification

🔹 Speech Tagging

🔹 Machine Translation

🔹 Image Captioning

At the end of the session, Eng. Mazen will talk about Text Preprocessing and how to edit and clean our data and make it ready for modeling.

In the practical part of the session we’ll work on Qwiklabs with the guidance of

Eng. Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Samy

🔹 Mahmoud studies Mechatronics Engineering at the Egyptian Chinese University

🔹 ML Support & PR Head at GDSC-ECU

🔹 Member at EVER Electrical Team

🔹 He’s passionate and has experience in the fields of Automotive and Embedded Systems

🔹His LinkedIn Profile:⤵️

He will walk us step by step through the Lab which is called ⬇️

Predict Taxi Fare with a Big Query ML Forecasting Model

In the Create ML Models with Big Query ML Quest.

There's all the content of our next session, what you are waiting for now? We are waiting for you and your friends✨