Flutter Fest African Leadership University

African Leadership University Campus - -- Kigali, -- African Leadership University
Sat, Mar 5, 2022, 4:00 PM (CAT)

About this event

Flutter Festivals is a community-led event series where developers can join to learn the fundamentals of Google technologies. - featuring Flutter, Firebase and Google Cloud content.

In our community, we will be focusing on Flutter and later on Firebase. We will be joined by an expert Flutter Developer, Boris Kayi, who will take us step by step through what we need to do to come up with those beautiful apps from scratch!

Our sessions kick-off on Saturday, 26th February at 4 PM CAT and will be running every week since then. Our First two sessions will be in-person for the best experience.

It is a beginner-friendly event so do not feel pressured in any way to attend.

Sign-up and get ready to have fun with us!




Saturday, Mar 5
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (CAT)


African Leadership University Campus
-- Kigali--


  • Kezia Wahome

    Kezia Wahome

    African Leadership University

    GDSC Lead

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  • Pelin Mutanguha

    Pelin Mutanguha

    Faculty Advisor

  • Mike Kiplangat

    Mike Kiplangat

    Chapter Co-Lead

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  • Tito-Paris Olisakwe

    Tito-Paris Olisakwe


    Mobile Development Lead

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  • Dean Daryl Murenzi

    Dean Daryl Murenzi

    UI/UX Lead

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  • Favour Akinwande

    Favour Akinwande

    Events and Organizating Coordinator

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  • Charity Ineza

    Charity Ineza

    Operations and Team Communications Coordinator

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  • Jeffrey Dauda

    Jeffrey Dauda

    Web Development Lead

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  • Wubeshet Yimam

    Wubeshet Yimam

    AI/ML Lead

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  • Eunice Adewusi

    Eunice Adewusi

    Female Youth Global Empowerment, FYGE

    Hubs and External Communication Coordinator

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  • Kingdavid Chukwumere

    Kingdavid Chukwumere

    Horus Hathor

    AR/VR Lead

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