Virtual Android Study jam

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About this event

This event is going to be an android study jam with Kotlin. Instead of following the traditional ways of doing study jams we are going to follow project-based learning which will be implemented in the following way.

  • The first phase will be taking the course on the platform we provide and get certified.
  • The second phase is going to be selecting a project and working on it where we will be dividing them into teams and provide mentors to help out.

These phases have a one-week time span for each; so they must be completed within the given time span.

There will also be a competition based on your projects. After the evaluation, there will be a winning team. That team will get a play store account as a team. also there is a special experience with Orbit health.  The projects have a possibility of being incubated if the project is an interest to their incubation center.