Wo(Men) In Tech: The beginning

Info Session of WO(MEN) IN TECH Day 1 - How Women Impact the tech Day 2 - Insight on how the world is helping women to grow

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About this event

The program Wo(Men) In Tech(WIT) focuses on the concept of helping women who are either doing Engineering or are pursuing a career in the Technical Field. The Women in Tech doesn’t only focus on the concept of Women helping Women but also focuses on Men helping Women. The program consists of a series of recurring events( known as BOT) on different topics addressing the issues related to women and how can they overcome them and Hackathons to give women the opportunity to express their thoughts, learn and Real Life situation experience where we can observe how Men and Women helping each other can create a balance between both genders and help each other grow in the coming future. Alas! we break the stereotype that behind every man there is a woman but vice-versa can happen too.

(Behind every women, there is also a man.)

What is Bringing Opportunities in Tech(BOT)

BOT will be a series of recurring sessions where several Accomplished speakers( CEOs, activists, research, working in good MNCs, specialized in different Tech Domains) will be interacting and giving us good insight with Girls in India who are finding it difficult to grow I the tech domain. Also, sessions can be any women program generic(internship program, scholarship program, any certified course) which can help them to know about different opportunities for Women.

The Above program is Initiated and Organised by 17 GDSCs across the different States of India.