Data Structures & Algorithms, The Underdog

Developer Student Clubs ABESIT is bringing you a golden opportunity to learn to create efficient programs by learning basic concepts of Data Structures & Competitive Programming. You'll learn : 1. What is DSA? 2. Why DSA?? 3. How will it affect your overall skills? 4. What is the importance of DSA in programming? 5. why it is most underrated yet most significantly important topic? and so on.

Sep 27, 2020, 12:30 – 1:30 PM



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About this event

Data Structures & Algorithms, The Underdog

Of the many sub-fields within Computer Science, Algorithms & Data Structures are undoubtedly the most fundamental Subjects - it seems to characterise computer science like perhaps no other.

We are surrounded by a lot of real-world complex problems for which no one has the solution. Observe the problems in-depth and you can help this world, giving the solution which no one has given before.

How will it impact your future?

Just realise one thing reinforcing the concepts of DSA & competitive programming is one of the only ways to crack product based company/ Tech Giants interviews!

According To a Real Programmer, these reasons are convincing enough.

Are You a real programmer? Or want to be One?

Then This Event is gonna make you one!

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  • Vanshika Garg

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    GDSC Lead

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    Open Source Team

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