Web Development (Html, CSS & Tensor flow)

Department of Computer Sciences AUST, Captain Akaash Rabbani Shaheed Road, Havelian, 22500

Web development is the process of building and maintaining websites. It involves a range of tasks including coding and writing markup languages such as HTML and CSS, as well as using tools and frameworks like TensorFlow to create interactive and dynamic web pages. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of HTML and CSS, which are the building blocks of the web, and how to use TensorFlow to bui

Jan 5, 2023, 8:30 AM – 2:10 PM



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The Web Development Workshop organized by Google Developer Students Clubs in the Department of Computer Sciences at Abbottabad University is an exciting opportunity for students to learn and master the essential skills needed to build and design modern websites. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and TensorFlow, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of how to create and style web pages, as well as how to use advanced machine learning techniques to improve the functionality and performance of their websites.

During the workshop, students will learn how to structure and mark up their web content using HTML, the standard language used to build web pages. They will also learn how to use CSS, a stylesheet language, to control the layout and design of their web pages, including the fonts, colors, and overall appearance. Additionally, students will learn how to use TensorFlow, a powerful open-source software library for machine learning, to optimize the performance and functionality of their websites.

The workshop will be led by experienced instructors from Google Developer Students Clubs, who will provide hands-on guidance and support to help students develop their skills and knowledge. The instructors will use a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, to ensure that students have a well-rounded understanding of web development.

Throughout the workshop, students will have the opportunity to work on a variety of real-world projects, using the skills they have learned to build and design functional websites. They will also have access to online resources and support materials to help them continue learning and improving their skills after the workshop is over.

Overall, the Web Development Workshop organized by Google Developer Students Clubs in the Department of Computer Sciences at Abbottabad University is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the rapidly-evolving field of web development. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of HTML and CSS, or an experienced developer looking to expand your knowledge of TensorFlow, this workshop is sure to provide valuable insights and practical skills that will help you succeed in your career.



Thursday, January 5, 2023
8:30 AM – 2:10 PM UTC


  • Sibghatullah

  • Aown Rafaqat

  • Malik Hamza


  • Muddassir Farooq

    Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology

    GDSC Lead

  • Izza Kanwal

    Abbottabad University of science and technology

    GDSC Co - Lead

  • Daniyal Adil

    Python Lead

  • Aiza Ishfaq


    Internship Program Lead

  • Shahzadi Lubena

    Community Management Lead

  • Alishba jadoon


    Public Representative

  • Maryam Shahid

    Events Cordinator

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