1337 GDSC infos session.

1337 - Khouribga
Sat, Nov 19, 5:15 PM (GMT+1)

For the first time, Google Developers Student Club (GDSC) is opening at 1337 coding school. This event is an introduction to the club's goals and benefits, preparing for a future recruitment session to form the LEETERS core teem.

About this event

This event is an info session to discover the goals and the opportunities that comes with being a member at GDSC , we will discuss the following points:

- What a GDSC stands for?

- What a core team means?

- What are the responsibilities and the benefits at GDSC?

- What are the area of interests at GDSC?

Along with a Q&A to answer all your questions and hear your insights.

We are excited to see you , do not forget to save the date and time !