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Welcome to the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at Easwari Engineering College!

We proudly stand as a dynamic and passionate community of technology enthusiasts and driven students who are deeply committed to catalyzing innovation, nurturing a culture of continuous learning, and fostering seamless collaboration within our local and global community.

By becoming a part of our club, you embark on a journey that keeps you perpetually engaged with the cutting edge of technology trends. Our platform is a conduit for connecting with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for tech and your desire to make a meaningful impact in the world through innovative tech-driven solutions.

What really is the GDSC?

The GDSC is an initiative taken by Google for promoting student-lead communities to impart knowledge, share and collaborate on various aspects of technology. It fosters hands-on learning with different developer technologies such as Google Cloud and exclusive access to many more resources.

What does GDSC EEC do?

Our GDSC EEC is a circle of ardent students who are passionate about working together and channel their strengths into building practical solutions. Our mission extends beyond the boundaries of our college campus. We are dedicated to "Fueling Dreams, Igniting Innovation, and Shaping Tomorrow's Tech Pioneers" not just within Easwari Engineering College but also in the broader tech landscape. Our commitment to excellence, professional growth, and community building knows no bounds.

The club will bestow anyone who comes their way a chance to enrich themselves with skills in domains of Mobile Application Development, Web Technology, Cloud, AI, Data Science, Cybersecurity and much more!

How to be a part of GDSC EEC?

Entry is free. The only requirement needed is for you to be a student with love for technology.

Join the chapter through this portal and also follow our social handles and stay updated with our club’s activities!

(Even If you aren’t from Easwari Engineering College, you can be a part of our chapter)

GDSC EEC: Where Aspirations Take Flight, Innovation Lights the Way, and Tomorrow's Tech Leaders Emerge!

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