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CIU is a unique educational institution, which was established in 2020 and is the recognized standard for quality education in the world. CIU gives its students the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and extensive possibilities for further learning and choosing their own path in life.

Distinctive features of CIU are the unique career-relevant, high quality and inclusive educational programs, which are internationally recognized and accredited. That in turn allows our graduates to enter more than 300 Universities around the world. In addition, CIU cooperates with a number of national universities, where students can continue their studies by immediately enrolling into the 2nd year of the chosen profession.

The strong core of CIU is its teaching staff. All teachers have undergone specialized trainings and studied at foreign universities in abroad. Our teachers are ready to provide comprehensive support in the educational process for better assimilation of knowledge and development of the potential of our students.

CIU also supports talented students by providing scholarships for education, motivating them towards further achievements.

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