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DSC AIT is for the developers who are interested in Google's developer technologies ranging from Android, Chrome, Google Cloud platforms to product APIs, and much more. Follow this page for the latest information and updates regarding google developer technologies and along with that, you can participate in using them too, keep following us for the latest updates.

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  • Shekhar Kumar

    Shekhar Kumar

    GDSC Lead

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  • Yash Chaudhary

    Yash Chaudhary

    Machine Learning

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  • Rtr Abhishek Kumar Meel

    Rtr Abhishek Kumar Meel

    Management Head

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  • Navneet Das

    Navneet Das

    Army Institute of Technology

    Android and Cloud Technologies

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  • Chandresh Singh

    Chandresh Singh


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  • Govind Prasad Sharma

    Govind Prasad Sharma

    Web Technologies

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  • Rishabh Rathore

    Rishabh Rathore


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  • Samik Choudhury

    Samik Choudhury

    Android and Public Relations

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  • Robin choudhary

    Robin choudhary

    Web Technologies

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    Web and UI/UX

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