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We at Alliance University have the vision to make this place dedicated to our members and other students to explore ideas and experience the creation process of technology from ideation to prototyping.

We believe in giving hands-on experience to participants and members through seminars, hands-on workshops, boot camps, and tech talks and also providing platforms for competitions like hackathons, solution challenges, study jams, etc.

The club's activities are determined by the particular interest of the students, as well as the availability of necessary resources and the particular technology needs of the community. We believe in creating a widespread impact on the social level by building solutions.

So get ready, mates, as we prepare for a thrilling tech voyage! Join us at GDSC-AU to dive into the captivating world of technology. Let's unlock the marvels of innovation together!

Upcoming events

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Keerthana J

Alliance University, Bengaluru

Dewan Shakil Akhtar

Chief and Cloud Lead

Mahesh D

Android Development Co-Lead
Alliance University

Gayathri Ramesh

Content Writer
Alliance University

Vasavi Annapureddy

Event Management
Alliance University

dhanush suresh

Web Development Lead

Yash Tripathi

Deputy Chief

Kavin Marx

Cybersecurity Co-Lead
Alliance University

Pavan V

AI-ML Lead
Alliance University

Gagan S.S

Cyber Security Lead

Sinchana Suresh Ganiga

Operation Lead

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